School Visits

School visits are available for any age group, from preschool to college. I begin my presentations with a one-hour slide show "Writing To The Beat of a Different Drummer," which illustrates how I've gleaned writing ideas from everyday memories and life, and how students may do the same.  

The slide show may be presented as a whole-school assembly, or up to three times with students broken into groups.  Remaining time is spent on writing workshops.  I'm flexible, and will work with any group size or room.  For K-1, I prefer to read my books and conduct a discussion, rather than have the children write.  Fees are negotiable, depending upon distance of travel and working hours spent in the school. 

Please call  717-572-7152 for quotes.

For a successful school visit:

Call me at 717-572-7152 or email 

School Visit FAQs

1. How large/small should the group size be for assemblies or writing workshops?

I'm flexible.  Whatever works best for the students, teachers, schedule, or school is fine.

2.  What do the students need for writing workshops?

Paper, pencil, and imagination.

3.  What would you like for lunch?

I eat anything!  I like pizza, hoagies (turkey or tuna; no cheese), and anything else easily available.  I'll eat with students, teachers, or by myself.  Whatever works best!!

4.  How long a break do you require between workshops/assemblies?

Just enough time to run to the nearest Ladies' Room!

5.  What do you like to drink throughout the day?

Diet Coke or Pepsi, bottled water, or iced tea.

6.  Will you sign the books?  May the children be present?

Absolutely!  Children may be present.  Some schools choose to use all available time for presentations, and to have me sign books before or after the school day.  I'm also open to signing at lunchtime, as long as I have enough time to wolf down some food.  

7.  Are you allergic to anything?

Wine.  But as schools don't frequently serve that, I don't usually have any problems.

8.  Do you need help carrying equipment?

Yes, it's nice if someone is available!  If not, I'm strong.

9.  Can the children ask you anything they want, i.e. age, income, etc?

Yes!  You never learn unless you ask.

10. How many slide shows can you present in one school day?

Up to three, with remaining time spent on writing workshops.

11. Will you do an evening presentation for parents?

If possible, yes.

12. Would you rather stay in a hotel or at someone's home?

Hotel.  I'll make reservations and cover the cost.  I appreciate recommendations of good nearby hotels or B&Bs.  I'm freaked out by motels with no inside corridors!  You know, the ones that serial killers can break into from the outside?!

13. Do you like to go out to dinner with teachers, parents, and/or students, if staying overnight?

Yes, if the travel day hasn't been too exhausting.

14. Do you like to receive a schedule and directions to the school?

Yes, a schedule is nice.  My GPS - Gertrude Pearl Stein - will give me the directions.

15. Do you enjoy having someone escort you throughout the school day?

Yes, but it's not a necessity.

16. How far will you travel?

As far as airplanes can fly.

17. Do you like to be paid on the day of the school visit?


18. May we have your cell phone number?

Yes.  717-572-7152.

19. If you fly, should the school make the reservation and pay for the travel?

Yes.  I fly from Philadelphia or Harrisburg, Pa.  Coach is fine.

20. If you're traveling far from home, do you like to present at other local schools and make it a 2 or 3 day visit?

Yes, when possible.

21. Do you like to travel by train?

I love it.

22.  What kind of car do you drive?  (We want to spot you in the parking lot so that we can show you where to go or help you carry stuff!)

I drive a bright yellow Kia Soul.  I'll try to drive the speed limit in your parking lot.

23. What is the cost of a school visit?

It varies, according to distance traveled, etc.  GIve a call or an email & we'll talk!!!

24. Do you like to do school visits?


25. Do you like kids?

Absolutely.  Duh.

26. Do you like teachers?


27. Do you like writing?

I LOVE it!

28. With what ages do you prefer to work?

5-105.  For grades K and 1, it works best for me to read my books and have discussion, rather than to conduct a formal writing workshop.

29. How do we schedule a presentation? 

Call me at 717-572-7152 or email