Heather and the Wildfires

Get whisked away with Heather Whirl, Weather Girl, and her magical umbrella as she explores extreme weather and climate science in this new STEM chapter book series perfect for young readers ages 6–9.

Heather Whirl is fascinated by the weather! With eyes that change color in response to rain or wind or heat, Heather would like nothing more than to be a meteorologist or a climate scientist when she grows up.  When Heather turns eight, her eccentric great-grandmother gives her a family heirloom—an umbrella with the power to teleport her to areas experiencing wild weather conditions. Heather’s umbrella has a built-in magical doppler that alerts her to wild weather happening somewhere. Heather Whirl and her friends are transported to a wildfire that's raging in California. They assist firefighters, assist an elderly man and his animals, and learn a lot about firefighting in the process.

Author: Linda Oatman High

Illustrator: Kris McLeod

Publisher: Astra Books for Young Readers/Kane Press

Release Date: March 19, 2024

Length: 64 pages